About us

About us



Our business was born in 1926, the year Vittorio Pinotti inaugurated his first Store in Milan, in Street Panfilo Castaldi : 

" Cotton Wool & Carded C.I.D.A.S. " 



From right : Vittorio Pinotti, the Marelli brothers (Marelli Silk factories) - Como, January 1938


Pinotti S.r.l has developed over the years an highly specialization, gaining a leading position,

in the market of supplies for Confectiones and Tailoring Laboratories.

We respond with the same attention to the emerging customers,

as all customers who from decades continue to renew us their trust.



Vittorio Pinotti , C.I.D.A.S. , Milan, Winter 1959



Fulvio Pinotti , Pinotti s.a.s ,   Milan, Winter 1986